I was told a story a few years back by a family friend, and since then I’ve heard similar sentiments from a couple of other people so it’s likely you may have heard it too, but hear me out.

We’re told that the current generation has a bit of an issue with divorce rates; that we’re too liable to just chuck a marriage out if it isn’t “working” for us. That the previous generation had a habit of fixing things if they were broke rather than throwing them out. Now I don’t really believe that, but I’d asked this friend (let’s call him Jeff) how he’d made his marriage work all these years. His response was simple but it hit a familiar vibe with me:

When you have a big argument (and you will, no doubt), sit down and look through the pictures from your wedding day. Remember what you felt like on that day, how much you love each other, and what you mean to each other. Sorts it every time.

This is why you need a photographer who will spend the time creating you a timeless piece of art from your big day, rather than someone who’s just going to hand you a CD and dust off his hands. One day, your kids are going to ask you about the day you got married, and you’ll be  sitting down with them in front of a computer and poking a few buttons on Facebook to show them, and that’s if they haven’t vanished into the digital ether!

It just doesn’t have the same romance, does it? Whereas a lovingly crafted matted album will last you a lifetime, looks absolutely magnificent, and will tell your grandchildren and great grandchildren your story!

In the run up to your wedding day, I’ll be there with you every step of the way. Every wedding couple gets a meticulously presented welcome pack that explains what’s going to happen, when, and why. For most of you, this will be your first (and hopefully only!) time going through the stressful minefield of a wedding. On contrast, I’ve seen many couples wading through the confusion of planning a wedding, so you can rely on me to give you a hand in whatever way I can.

From the very start I’ll be there to help you however I can in the run up to your wedding day. Sometime before the big day, we’ll go out and do an engagement session. If you’ve never heard of this before, it’s a portrait session designed specially to celebrate your decision to commit yourself to each other for the rest of your lives. We’ll find a location that suits the two of you perfectly, and do some lovely romantic photos that’ll show everyone just how great you are as a couple. These pictures can then be used on your “save the date” cards, or I can design you a custom guestbook or signing board using them! Something for your loved ones to aww over before you tie the knot! This also gives you an opportunity to see how I work, to give you a better idea of what I’ll be like to work with on your special day, and it’ll give me a chance to see how you act in front of the lens!

When the day comes, I’ll be with you from the start right to the end. I’m passionate about telling your whole story, not just you two walking down the aisle! That moment when one of the bridesmaids bursts into tears spontaneously while you’re getting into your dress. The moment when then one of the flower girls decides she doesn’t want to walk down the aisle in formation and would rather leg it off to the other side of the room. That special moment when the best man has to dress the groom for him because he’s no idea how to do a bowtie! Every wedding has it’s special moments that people look back on fondly, and I’ll make sure that yours are represented in your artwork.

Afterwards, you’ll be kept updated at every step of the journey your pictures will take from camera to lovingly presented albums and other gifts. I’ll go through various versions of how your art can be arranged, and make sure you’re totally happy with how it all looks before it’s sent off to the labs to be made into reality!

All of this value comes at a reasonable price, and I’ll make sure you get the best parts for that price too; no traps or hidden charges here!