Back to School

Now hold up, before the kids start screaming in horror I know it's a bit early! But I wanted to talk to you about school photos, and what they mean to us.

I was adorable once too!

School photos. A bastion of tradition that everybody's had to go through at least once. Make sure your uniform is smart and tidy, sit on the little stool in front of the exact same backdrop everyone else has, turn to the photographer and smile. Flash. Done! Next up!

Then you get your packet of prints what feels like months later, and while you might be happy with what you've got, there's that little niggling feeling in the back of your head. 

How much? For THAT? 

Kids grow faster than we'd like them too. You blink and that baby-faced cherub is a grumpy teenager and you've no idea where everything in between went. School photos are a great idea for keeping little milestones, something to remind you that they once they were your little angel, and still are (even if they disdainfully grumble at the term!)

The thing is, and I'm sure you'll agree, is that your traditional school photo is boring. It says nothing about your child, about their personality, that genuine laughter rather than the nervous canned smile they tend to have in those pictures. The worst thing is that they're exactly the same as the pictures your friends have got of their kids. The same as every parent at that school over the past five years has got.

Just because your little ones wear a uniform, it doesn't mean your pictures have to be uniform too!

What I want to see is more individuality. Something that really shows off who your child really is. That's why I'm offering a special deal for the next few weeks which you can find here. Have a look, see what you think, and let me know if you're interested!