Vale 2014

It’s that time of year again! Everything comes to an end eventually, and it’s 2014’s time to fade. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag this one; lots of heartfelt losses but the odd bit of joy poked through like sunbeams through heavy clouds. On a personal level I’m hoping to get a bit more time to spend with the family and friends next year, I feel like I’ve been unintentionally neglecting them with the frenetic bustle of life. Don’t we all though sometimes? Life can seem like such a flurry that before you know it, it’s all passed you by like water through your fingers.

Unless you freeze it.

Actually, that metaphor is a bit rubbish.

It also feels like I didn't get as much time out with the camera as I would have liked. That sounds quite paradoxical but when you're transitioning from hobby to professional, you tend to find yourself buried in Excel spreadsheets and juggling social media more than you're actually taking pictures! But that's where the passion pulls through; anyone can cook a fancy meal for friends every now and then, but when you have to do it each day and consistently, you have to have a passion for it. That passion is what I've spent the past three years looking for, and it's what I've found this year.

As one metaphorical door closes, another opens. 2015 is going to be a big one, both on a personal level and for the business! As a result we’ve got a few exciting plans to share!


From the 1st to 31st January, all the pre-built portrait packages will be reduced by 20%. It’s a good time to get in and grab a bargain, and have a set of keepsakes you’ll be able to treasure forever! As long as you book and paid the deposit between those two dates the reduction will still apply; you could pay the deposit on the 30th and have the shoot sometime in February and it’ll count!


It’s a while off yet but we’re going to have some snazzy packages coming out for Valentines Day. These will be in voucher form too; something unique to give your beloved on the day itself. After all, flowers and chocolate get boring eventually. (who am I kidding?) As an added bonus, if you’re engaged and eventually choose us for your wedding photography, the price of this Valentines package will be deducted from the wedding package. How great is that?!


Not only that, but mid-year we’re planning to bring in a brand new photo booth package for parties and events, with on-site printing and a wide variety of props and backdrops to use. Keep an eye out for that one!


I'm also planning to run a series of blog posts giving newcomers to the photography world some hints and tips to getting the best out of their pictures. Photography is one of those things where you never really stop learning, even when you think you've got the hang of it. I'll have advice on what camera to choose, what equipment you'll need and how to use it, post processing techniques and tips on how to achieve the effects you want with your images.

So I’d like to sign off by wishing you all the best for 2015. Have you got any resolutions or plans you’re making? Let us know in the comments!