I suppose writing your first blog post is very similar to that feeling you get when you do your first shoot in a new location, or at a new event. The sense of confusion, a loss of steadiness. You’re in new territory here and you need to find a way to take your previous experience and expertly cram it into the new environment. At first it just doesn’t seem to work, those little elements don’t seem to come together as well as they should. You consider giving up.

But moment by moment, shot by shot, you begin to find your story. After all, that’s what it’s all about; stories. We all have them. After all, our lives are stuffed to the gills with a rich and enticing narrative, each day bringing a new challenge and breathtaking possibilities.

Or maybe just something as simple as what to make for tea as you stare at the fridge.

Well Positive Aperture is my story, and you lot are gonna be a part of it. I’m going to be filling with pages with snippets of advice, hopefully amusing anecdotes, sneaky tales from behind the camera, and of course pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. A veritable plethora of images.

I take pictures because I like stories. I adore people’s stories and truly believe that the best way to tell them is in the visual format. You can sit down and spend an hour telling someone what happened one fine day. That’s great, but why do that when you can show them, moment by moment, every emotion, every action, every feeling that you went through? You can take pictures and coat the walls of your home with your tale; that moment when you first clad eyes on your beloved at the other end of the wedding aisle. The heady emotions surging through you as you first laid eyes on your child. That heart-trembling storm you worriedly watched through the rain-streaked window as it lashed into your neighbourhood like a primal beast.

With a camera you not only have the chance to immortalise these moments, but you also have the opportunity to share them with those you love. Or with anyone who steps through your door. As the person who does the documenting, there’s something truly blessed about being a part of these moments; it brings you closer to complete strangers, it changes the way you see the world permanently, and it changes the way you treat your fellow human.

If there was one moment in your life you could have had immortalised to live over and over, what would it be? Feel free to comment either here or on the Facebook page, I look forward to reading them!